Coinify and immortalize your Kitty

Kred Coins let you Coinify your Kitty so that you can share it with friends while maintaining ownership

by Blockchain and Kred Influence

Socialize your Kitty

Honor your Kitty

Coins are no longer reserved for Queens and Presidents

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Share your Kitty

Share your Kitty

One Kitty becomes many in your own litter of Kred Coins

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Socialize your Kitty

Socialize your Kitty

Put your Kitty to work creating Connections and Conversations

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The royals do it. So should you.

Create your own Coins with the adorable furry face of the one you honor.

Coinify my Kitty

Share the warm fuzzy feeling with friends.

Make 10, 100 or even 1000 limited edition Coins commemorating your kitty to share and trade with friends.

Coinify my Kitty

Cats are human. Who said they weren't social?

Set your Kitty free to start collecting new connections and conversations.

Connect and share a conversation with everyone who holds one of your Kred Coins.

Coinify my Kitty

Furquently Asked Questions.

What Kitty owners want to know.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Does this affect the value of my original Kitty?

Not at all!

Kred Coins let you create collectible and tradable Coins featuring your Kitty without making any change to the original.

[fa icon="plus-square"]How can I get my Kitty on a Coin?

It's simple.

Click Coinify my Kitty and you will be taken to a special section of the Kred Coins app.

Make sure you have Metamask installed and unlocked.

The app will automatically detect your Kitties and present you with drafts of your Kitty Coins.

All you need to do is tweak the design (if you want) and go!

[fa icon="plus-square"]Can I see the contact details of everyone who touches these Coins?

One of the benefits of creating and sharing your own Coins with Kred is that it helps build your Contact list.

Every Coin that you create is a network, and as that Coin changes hands between your customers or leads, they are added to the network.

PeopleBrowsr's Engagement Center provides CRM style visibility into each of these networks, displaying each Contact's card, including for example, their:

  1. Name
  2. Avatar
  3. Kred Influence and Outreach Score
  4. Bio
  5. Location
  6. Email
  7. Social accounts
[fa icon="plus-square"]How does this fit with my existing channels, eg. FB, TW, LI, Blog or Website?
  1. Share Request or Giveaway URLs on your website or social channels
    Every Coin carries a unique Request URL that you can post to your blog, website or social channels. Customers and leads can click this link to request the Coin, which notifies the current coinholder who can then approve and give someone the Coin.

    Should you wish to Coin to be claimed without approval, simply share the Coin or its batch's Giveaway URL.

  2. Give Coins on Social
    Send a Coin's Giveaway URL to someone in your Community on social for them to claim the Coin in a single click!

  3. Share Coins on Social
    Every Coin is optimized for social sharing and will populate cards on Twitter, Facebook etc with an image of the Coin being shared along with it's name and description.
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is CƘr and how many Kitty Coins can I create per CƘr?

CƘr is Kred's base token.

It is an ERC20 protocol token that can be held and shared on both the Stellar and Ethereum blockchain networks.

CƘr is required to "fund" the creation of your Coins.

Control your costs by creating Kitty Coins with the value that suits you:

  1. Kred Coins can be minted with a value as low as USD $0.1 equivalent (10 Coins per CƘr)

  2. Max Coin value is currently USD $100 equivalent (April 16 2018)
[fa icon="plus-square"]Can these Coins be traded on an exchange?

Every Kred Coin's base value is facilitated using the ERC20 protocol.

ERC20 based cryptocurrencies are supported by most exchanges and Kred's CƘr may soon be able to be traded on these platforms.

Once you create a Coin using your CƘr, the Coin:

  1. Can be sold, auctioned or given on the Kred Coins platform, or sent directly to a compatible blockchain wallet.

  2. Can not be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange.
[fa icon="plus-square"]How do I register?
You start by registering on the Kitty.Kred app.
Once you have entered a unique email address, username, and a verified cell phone number you will be taken to the Marketplace, where you can buy more CƘr or start creating your own Coins. 
[fa icon="plus-square"]What do I get when I register?
2 CƘr are free per signup (limit 5 million CƘr). As of August 1 2018, you can buy more CƘr in $1.00 USD lots (this price may change).
Coinify your Kitty

Let's do this.

Coinify my Kitty

Make up to 100 Coins for just $10

100 of the same style in a single batch, or maybe 10 batches with 10 different designs? It's your call.

Kred Coins carry value in CƘr, Kred's ERC20 cryptocurrency, which is currently available for purchase at a rate of $1.00 = 1 CƘr.

Introductory rates allow all users to create Coins for as low as $0.10 (equivalent in CƘr) each.

Kred Coins help Communities, Brands and Individuals create personalized Coins for Sharing and Connecting
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